Creepium Block

The Creepium Block is a green, metal-like block added to Minecraft by the Creep Mod. Two of these block are craftable from 4 Creepium Shards (see below). They are primarily used to build a frame for the Creep Portal, but can also be used as a cheaper decoration alternative to Iron, Gold and Diamond Blocks.

Building a Creep PortalEdit

A Creep Portal is made by creating a Nether-shaped portal out of Creepium Blocks (an upright, hollow 4x5 rectangle with or without corner blocks). It can then be activated with a Creepium Shard. When this is done, the portal will become activated, and when you step into it, you will be instantly teleported to the Creep.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Creepium block crafting

Creepium Block Crafting Recipe


  • Creepium Block have a texture that is roughly based off of Minecraft's Gold Block.
  • You do not need corner blocks for a Creep Portal to work properly.
  • Before Creepium Blocks, the Creep Portal was made out of sandstone!