Creepstone Block

Creepstone is the most commonly occuring block in the Creep Mod. It has a green streaked texture and has stone-like properties. It is more lightweight than regular stone, but it is also blastproof at the same time. Because of these properties, Creepstone can be used as cheap, somewhat effective armor.

World GenerationEdit

Creepstone generates naturally in the Creep, forming the majority of the terrain. It generates firstly on the ground level of the Creep, and then in floating islands above it.

Special exclusive ores generate in Creepstone:

  • Arbitrium
  • Photonium
  • Solid Nitroglycerine
  • Fluorostone
  • Gunpowder Blocks

Creep Trees can also be found and grown on Creepstone.


  • Creepstone originally was a recoloration of cobblestone.
  • Creepstone is completely blastproof (mod explosives may be able to destroy it).
  • Although it is very common in the Creep, Creepstone cannot be obtained in the Overworld.