Creepwood Planks

Creepwood planks are a resource that does not generate naturally within the Creep. It is obtained by crafting Creepwood Logs into 4 Planks. It's main purposes are for building, crafting tools and other items such as Creep Sticks.


Creepwood Planks are used in a variety of ways, but their main use is to be crafted into Creep Sticks, which are used in Creepwood-Tier tools.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Creepwood planks recipe

Creepwood Planks Crafting Recipe

Note: Because this crafting recipe uses only one slot, it can be crafted in the inventory's mini-crafting area.

Creepstick crafting

Creep Stick Crafting Recipe


  • Creepwood Planks are not naturally generated anywhere, but are required to be crafted.
  • They can be used as a cheap, blastproof alternative to standard wooden planks.
  • When combined with a Blastproof Door and Creep Glass Panes, Creepwood Planks can make a completely indestructible house!